Pit Bulls Are Dumped By Dogfighters, She Guarded Her Friend When Rescuers Arrived

There are some things in life that are hard to hear and hard to digest. Trying to understand what kind of person could abuse pit bulls is one of them.

Officer Russ “Wolf” Harper, co-founder of Justice Rescue has seen a lot of bad things and still remains a bright light.  He was the first one on the scene to find the two pit bulls dumped at a city park just outside of Philadelphia.

Emaciated and with cuts all over their bodies, the two pit bulls stuck close by each other’s side.  “Anytime someone tried to get close, her friend tried to cover the other.  It was almost like she was going to take the beating for the other one,” Harper said.

 “I got down on my knees and called in my girly 10-year-old voice,” Harper said. “And Layla comes over to me with her tail wagging but her eyes clenched like she thought she might get hit.”

Harper’s 10-year-old girly voice worked and both dogs accepted his kind offer for help. He put his police vest over them in an attempt to keep them warm. Then he rushed them to the local vet’s office.

The dogs who are now being called Gracie and Layla, were in rough shape when Harper found them together protecting each other.  But with kind hands and professional care, it is hoped that they will one day thrive.

As for now “They’re so shocked that they’ve been rescued,” Harper said. “They’re loving the affection. They don’t know what to do with it.”

Once the dogs are released from the vet, they will go back to Harper.  He will help rehabilitate them and hope to be able to adopt them out to the right homes.

You Can Help To Stop Dog Fighting

If you’d like to help fund Justice Rescue so that they can continue to help more dogs like Gracie and Layla, please donate by first visiting here.

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