Pit Bulls Guard Grandchildren Threatened In Backyard, Grandma Astounded By Their Actions

Two Pit Bulls have earned their hero status.  These two have broken all the stereotypes of the breed by protecting their loved ones.

Pitbulls, Paco and Slayer were playing in their backyard when the poisonous copper head seemed to appear out of nowhere.  It was right next to their human mom’s two grandchildren.  Both dogs jumped in and took the bites instead of the snake getting to the children.  When the dogs were bitten they were rushed to the local animal hospital.

Paco and Slayer both received antivenom.  Paco responded favorably to the medicines but Slayer was not doing so well since he was bitten twice in the face. While his buddy Paco was just bit once in the leg.

Antivenom and the medical stay that goes with it can be costly very quickly. As Slayer’s condition worsened this dog hero needed a hero of his own. That is when an organization called Frankie’s Friends came to Slayer’s rescue.   Frankie’s Friends is a non-profit organization that helps animals with life threatening conditions such as Slayers.

Danielle Martin, executive director of Frankie’s friends explains,

“The family paid for the antivenom for both Paco and Slayer.  Paco was discharged but Slayer got worse. That’s when Frankie’s Friends stepped in to help pay for the second dose of antivenom, fluids, and three days of ICU care.”

It did not take long for Slayer to respond favorably to the medicine. He got better and soon was able to go home and join Paco and the rest of his family. Martin happily reports, “He’s doing great.  He’s happy and giving lots and lots of kisses. He’s able to eat again and was discharged from the hospital yesterday.”

If you would like to help dogs like Slayer in their time of need, visit the good people at Frankie’s Friends by clicking the website here.

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