Pitbull Chained Up During Hurricane Is A Hero After They See What She’s Been Protecting


Gemma, the pit bull has been through a lot in her life.  She’s witnessed the death of some of her puppies during Hurricane Harvey and survived the storm while chained to the front steps of a trailer. During the hurricane, Gemma’s people evacuated and left her chained to the front stairs.

I can’t imagine what Gemma has been through.  If the waters would have risen just one more step, she’d have drowned.  Some of Gemma’s puppies didn’t make it. She must have known she and her surviving pups were in great danger.  Thankfully 2 of her puppies survived along with her on that top step.

Houston K-911 Rescue

Houston K-911 Rescue heard about Gemma but could not get to her until after the storm. When rescuers finally reached Gemma and her two surviving puppies, they were in bad condition. They all had severe skin problems and internal parasites.  At first, Gemma wasn’t going to let the rescuers near her.  But then when they were able to get her chain off everything changed.

Katie Wing, co-founder of Houston’s K-911 Rescue explained how Gemma reacted when they took her chain off. “Her demeanor changed completely,” Wing said. “It really was hell on Earth for this dog.”

Thankfully Gemma is now at a loving foster home  She will be recovering from her health issues before she will be put up for adoption.   Now that her babies are safe and sound Gemma is getting all the attention and love for herself.  She has waited a long time for someone to love her.

The puppies are now old enough to be without their mom, so they are at a different foster home together.  The puppies have been named Opal and Onyx.




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