Pitbulls believe they are left to die in the abandoned home, but they wag their tails for their rescuers


It’s hard to imagine the feeling of abandonment that animals must feel when they are left behind by humans. Dogs especially are so loyal and filled with unconditional love for their people. It’s hard to imagine how anyone could just walk away from their pets. But sadly it happens all too often. Thankfully, there are kind people who fill in the gaps and rescue animals that are abandoned. For two pit bulls left behind in a house, they were found just in time.



One of the pit bulls found in the house was in a cage. The other was left to roam freely around the house. Both were in a very bad situation if rescuers had not got a call about them. Turns out that neighbors heard them barking and called the right people for help.


Frankie Florida of Guardians of Rescue received a call about the dogs. They immediately sent out a team to help the abandoned dogs. What they found was one was a male and the other a female. Both were Pitbulls.


When the dogs were found by their rescuers, both of their tails were wagging.  “This is how we found them. Alone in an empty house scared and defeated. The conditions of the house were terrible,” Frankie explained. “Good thing we got there before something bad happened to them.”



Guardians of Rescue gave the dogs names since their identity was not known. They named them Sky and Max. Both dogs are now in foster homes, awaiting their forever homes. Sky and Max are both healthy even though they were not in the best of health when found. A little love and the right care can make a huge difference for dogs.


Now it’s time for Sky and Max to start the rest of their lives. Thanks to Guardians of Rescue they have been given the second chance that they deserve.


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