Owners Dump Pitt Bull Puppy At High Kill Shelter–Because He Was “Not Perfect”

When this little puppy’s owners showed up to dump the poor little Pitt Bull off at a shelter, workers there were shocked that his owners were so callous. The puppy’s owners informed the shelter employees that they didn’t even care if he got euthanized there.


You see, this particular puppy was born with a couple of imperfections. His owners didn’t want a dog that was anything but perfect, and they were so utterly vile that they just threw him away like he was nothing more than a piece of trash.

The puppy was named Captain Morgan, and he was left in a high-kill shelter located in Lee County, North Carolina.

Captain Morgan was only a few weeks old when his owners dumped him at the shelter. When the veterinarians there looked him over, they were devastated when they realized why the perfectly healthy boy was dumped.


There was nothing wrong with Captain Morgan except he was blind in one eye and had a half-formed ear. Other than those two things, he was a friendly and lovable boy. This adorable Pitt Bull puppy’s family was willing to let him die just because of the way he looked.

Luckily, a lady named Nicole Horabik, a foster coordinator at Cause for Paws spotted a post from the staff at the Lee County Animal Hospital putting Captain Morgan up for adoption. The ad got her attention right away; she knew she had to find him a forever home no matter what.


Nicole decided to share Captain Morgan’s story on her Facebook account to see if she could generate interest in the pup. She posted a picture of him with the caption, “I was thrown away because I wasn’t perfect. Share if you think I am perfect!” and it quickly went viral.

The post had the intended effect, and the offers of help started pouring in.

Happily, Captain Morgan already found a forever home. As of the writing of this piece, he was adopted by a loving family that thinks he is perfect just the way he is.

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