Playful Dog Finds The Perfect Hiding Spot To Sleep In

In nature, many animals have camouflage so that they blend into their surroundings. Camouflage is especially important for animals of prey such as zebras. By blending into their environment and herd, a zebra is safer from predators such as lions. This story is about an adorable white dog that also blends into his environment. But his camouflage isn’t for survival. His camouflage has served more for human enjoyment.

Image Source: Sandy Burke Moody

Hoss is a playful dog that loves to spend hours playing with his dog friend at their family home. “We live in the middle of the woods in south Mississippi on 40 acres with a lake so they run and play and stay dirty most of the time,” Hoss’s mom Sandy Burke Moody said.

Hoss Has A Disappearing Act All His Own

Hoss loves to get comfy in his home. He often sleeps with his human mom. But other times he likes to frequent the family’s shaggy white rug. Because Hoss is the same color as the rug, Burke often doesn’t notice him. He is camouflaged so well that it’s easy to walk right by him without knowing that he’s on the rug.

Image Source: Sandy Burke Moody

One day, Hoss was especially camouflaged on the rug. In fact, Moody had to look for signs of breathing for her to be sure that it was him. “This time he was nearly invisible,” she said.

To the delight of Facebook users, Burke snapped a photo and then shared it online. She wondered if people could pick him out from the rug. And the results of that photo? “Most were not able to spot him,” Moody said.

Image Source: Sandy Burke Moody

Hoss now is able to hide whenever he wants, just so long as the family keeps that white shaggy rug around.

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