Police Are Looking For Goon Who Threw A Dog Off A Cliff In Shocking Video

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This story has enraged many dog lovers across the globe. The video is very grainy and hard to see details, but it is enough to understand what is happening.

The video which was captured on someone’s phone shows a person who appears to be a teenage boy holding the dog from the top of a cliff. The dog is seen trying to wiggle itself out of the boy’s grip before the unthinkable happens; he is tossed over the cliff into the ocean. Fortunately, the dog survived the treacherous fall and was seen swimming back to the safety of the shore.

The video has become viral on social media and many people shared their anger at the cruelty of the boy as well as the person who captured the footage. Both were heard laughing during the filming. Now, police are on the lookout for the duo. The cliffs are over 100ft high. While it was widely shared online, the shocking footage was ultimately deleted due to the backlash. A number of copies of the video have also been removed from other social media sites.


In a tweet, the local police stated,

We are aware of an incident of animal cruelty which has been reported in Falmouth. This matter is being investigated but please appreciate that we need to do this effectively without intrusion or inappropriate comments.”

According to local police:

“Police are investigating a report of concern for the welfare of an animal in Falmouth on the afternoon of Wednesday, May 1. This relates to a dog being thrown into the sea. The dog has been checked over and is uninjured. The investigation is ongoing and inquiries are continuing. We ask that people, including users of social media, do not speculate around the circumstances of this incident, or the individual involved.”

The dog, fortunately, escaped unhurt after being examined. On Twitter user, Mr. P added, “This makes me feel physically sick. That poor dog.” Louise Hickey simply stated, “Those people should be found and hurled off the cliff themselves.  It’s a shame someone didn’t hurl this boy off the cliff after the dog he cruelly hurled to await its death. Utter b****** “

On Facebook, a number of people commented on the story about the incident. Caroline Summers wrote, “Some people just don’t deserve the life they have been gifted. I hope the dog is rehomed where he or she will be loved and treated with kindness. Why people think it’s ok to be cruel is beyond me.” Another person, Rayna Rees Ws Briddick chimed in, “Oh my word, thank god the dog made it, it’s a spaniel, my favorite, if he/she needs a living home lots of love and cuddles, we will have him/her xxx.”

This laughing coward and his friend need to be caught and dealt with 😠😠😠😠

Posted by Daily Mail on Thursday, May 2, 2019

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