Police Department Recruits Cat And Together They Keep The City Safe

Police Department And A Cat Fight Crime Together

A police department in Port Lavaca, Texas brought this ginger and white cat into their care. They renamed their cat The Captain. The Captain assists in managing the office with the officers. After they adopted him from the Calhoun County Humane Society, The Captain officially became a part of the team.

He loves rubbing on the walkie talkies! Hello? 10-4 Officer Andrews we’ve just confiscated a kilo of catnip. We’ll have to take this into the evidence locker.

As soon as he got to the office, Captain made himself right at home. He quickly took to his new role. The Captain watches over the town from the second story window, his favorite place to sit. His other favorite place to sit is in the actual police captain’s chair. The Captain needs his Captain chair don’t you think? Like any good captain, he runs the office and earned respect from his fellow officers. The officers even purchased The Captain has his own police outfit so he can fit right in. After all, how can you be on the force without a police uniform? That’s the best part!Captain loves to investigate. Especially drawers. You never know what could be hiding in there! He’s an excellent detective.

Morale has boosted since Captain has joined the force. Ours would too if we had an office cat! Especially one that looked so spiffy in his uniform.

His drink of choice? Coffee with the rest of the officers! He doesn’t actually drink it though. He just likes to play with the cup.

He greets everyone that comes into the department with love and cuddles. Something that’s needed in a place that isn’t exactly ideal.

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