Police dog has the happiest reaction when he hears he is getting a little treat

Most people enjoy a treat now and then. It’s especially nice in the Summer to go out and get an ice cream cone on a hot day. Well, it’s not much different for dogs. They also like a treat now and then. For one police officer, he took his dog to an ice cream stand. Judging by the dog’s reaction, this was clearly not the first time that they went there for treats.

Image Source: Fishers Police Department

This ice cream story takes place in Fishers, Indiana. A K9 handler from the Fishers Police Department took his dog partner to Handel’s Ice Cream & Yogurt Shop.

As soon as the police dog saw the ice cream shop, he got really excited. The staff at the shop could see the excitement and got an ice cream cone all ready for him. They placed it on the counter and then enjoyed watching the dog eagerly eat his cone off of the counter.

Image Source: Fishers Police Department

Everyone Deserves A Treat

This story just goes to show that even animals need a break and can enjoy a treat. K9 dogs work very hard at what they do. When they are at work, they often need to be extremely focused. People who work in intense jobs need to be the same way. Taking a break to go to an ice cream shop is good for working dogs. It allows them to kick back and enjoy being a dog.

The people at the shop also enjoyed just watching this dog find such joy in the simple act of eating an ice cream cone. This trip to the ice cream shop was a win-win situation for everyone involved. If you have a dog, make sure to give him time to relax and have a treat. The rewards will be felt by your dog and by all who get to witness the fun.

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