Police Dog With Troubled Past Makes Judge Simon Cowell Cry On Britain's Got Talent

Dogs are known as man’s best friend and for good reasons. They selflessly give love to their humans at all costs. Sometimes they even lay down their lives in defense of their person. That was the case for Finn, a brave K-9 officer and his human Dave. The two appeared on Britain’s Got Talent. What happened there still has people talking.

Dave shared with the audience how Finn and he became friends. He also added that Finn will get a juicy steak if they get four yeses. A little bribery never hurts, right? Dave then added that Finn will get a juicy steak even if they don’t get a perfect score.

Judge David Williams is then called up and asked to write a word on a piece of paper and then show it to Finn. The intelligent creature then goes to his human and whispers the word in his ear. Sure enough, Dave says the correct word which is “table.”

By now the judge and audience appear utterly amazed. Even if the two left the stage at this point, their chances of 4 yeses would be pretty darn good I think.

Finn Was Willing To Take An Almost Lethal Hit For His Friend

The presentation then gets emotional. Dave tells the story of how Finn saved his life in the line of duty. A criminal tried stabbing Dave with a 10-inch knife, but Finn bravely took the hit instead. He fought for his life and was miraculously saved after much veterinary intervention.

Next up on the stage is Simon who is told to kneel and to look Finn straight in the eyes. Dave gives Simon a notebook filled with words and asks him to pick one word. The word Simon picks is “Heroic.” This ends up being the word written on Finn’s collar.

As you may have guessed, Finn and Dave got their 4 yeses. Furthermore, they amazed all in attendance. “That was pretty incredible. That’s never happened on any show,” Simon Cowell says.

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