Police force takes a chance on shelter pit bull, what he did surprised everyone

Sometimes it just takes one special person to change the course of your life. For one Pit Bull scheduled to be Euthanized, that person was a man named Jim Alloway. Alloway was the Union County Humane Society’s Director when Leonard the Pit Bull arrived. Leonard was labeled aggressive and scheduled to die. But Alloway saw something other than aggression in Leonard.

“I walked out with a squeegee,” Alloway explained. “He ran up and bit it and then went running through the yard. I knew it was a special characteristic. He wasn’t being aggressive. He wanted to play.”

Alloway believed this characteristic could make Leonard a police dog. He had witnessed similar characteristics in police dogs before. Leonard was about to become the first Pit Bull K9 police force member, all thanks to Alloway seeing Leonard for something other than aggressive.

Alloway contacted Storm Dog K9 Training to inquire about Leonard. The staff agreed to take him in. Leonard didn’t know any commands but he learned quickly. Leonard learned how to sniff out drug and do other tasks for toy rewards.

“He has quite the work ethic. He’s got so much play and drive and hunt that he’s a great police dog. He’s constantly wanting to work” said the Storm Dog’s Director of Traning for Law Enforcement Krishea Osborne.

At first Clay Township’s Chief of Police, Terry Mitchell wasn’t so sure that he wanted to be partnered with Leonard. But it didn’t take long for Leonard to change Mitchell’s mind.  It only took a few weeks of training for Leonard to be certified by the state of Ohio as a police dog.

After Work Leonard Is Like Any Other Dog

After work, Leonard is just like any other pet dog according to Mitchell. But when he does go to work, he puts full effort into his job. Leonard’s co-workers are looking forward to having Leonard around as part of the police force team.  Thank you to Jim Alloway for not only giving Leonard a job but for saving his life in the process.

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