A Police Officer Is Ambushed By Attackers, They Didn't Know He Had Back Up

Deputy Todd Frazier was called out to investigate an abandoned vehicle on a dark stretch of road in Peralington,  Mississippi. What happened next was the thing that you only see in the movies.

As he walked up to investigate the Lincoln Town Car that was parked by itself at a rest stop there was a man in the car.  Everything started to happen really fast the man jumped out of the car and two men ran out of the woods.  All three started to assault Frazier.  They threatened to slit his throat and were dragging him into the woods.

What the attackers weren’t prepared for, was that Frazier had his backup with him……his K9 partner, Lucas.

While Frazier was being dragged towards the woods, he managed to get one hand free. He used his free hand to press a button that opened the door to his K-9 unit.

The trained K9 jumped out of the K-9 unit and immediately starting biting the men who were trying to drag Frazier to the woods. The men fled in the Town Car, and Frazier was able to call for backup.

Luckily, Frazier only suffered a cut to his forehead and bruises. Lucas suffered from broken teeth and a torn ACL.  Thankfully, both of them have recovered from their injuries.

Lucas received a number of awards for his actions, including PETA’s heroic dog award and Brookhaven Animal Rescue League Hero of the Year Award.

Lucas is a brave and heroic dog who has saved many lives, including his owner’s.  I guess this is why dogs are man’s best friend.

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