Police officer saves cub's life who couldn't keep up with his Momma, poor baby

Animals are very intelligent beings. But at times they need guidance. Bears are no exception. Although they are extremely smart mammals, they too lack common sense or intelligence at certain times. That is when others need to step in, especially humans. When a family of bears was crossing the road a kind police officer assisted them on their journey.

In the video below, you can observe a momma bear with her many cubs. During their journey, the mother clearly was a very fast traveler. When the officer came across the bears he was on a busy road. He observed the momma bear walk very fast across the road, while a lot of her cubs struggled to keep up. But one cub in particular really struggled while in route.

The officer was very scared for the tiny cub just barely keeping up. As the momma bear walked the cub just began to get further and further behind. The officer was beginning to feel like the last cub was not going to survive the journey. So he did something.

The police officer got out of his vehicle and direct traffic. As he did so he made sure to keep an eye on the tiniest one. There was still no sign of him getting any faster. So the officer picked him up and put him in the trunk.

Even though the cop had to take the cub away from his family, he had only good intentions. So they were on their way to a rehab center where the weak cub would be nourished until he was well enough to keep up with his speedy family.

If you would like to see more, watch the video below.

Thanks to this officer, the cub survived, and will soon be a strong bear who can do anything! Make sure to share this adorable story with friends!

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