Police Searching for the Woman After She Drops Off Sick Dog

Police are searching for a woman that had taken her dog to the groomers in East Bridgewater, Massachusetts. She told the employee at Secret Garden Pet Resort that her name was Melanie Wichester. She dropped off her English bull dog, William, for a grooming session. Hours later he was still at Secret Garden. The employees couldn’t get in touch with her to pick up William. He was now in the care of the groomers.

How could anyone be this heartless!?

Image via screencapture from YouTube video

Police searching for clues

Staff eventually called the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. They also notified the police. Authorities made a troubling discovery: No one in their database shared the woman’s so-called name. She’d made it up. When police reviewed the camera footage they noticed she walked up the business’ long driveway.

She’d even given them false medical records.

Now, police and the MSPCA are hoping the public can help identify the unknown woman that abandoned the dog.

One sick dog looking for a new home

Abandoning an animal is a felony in Massachusetts, punishable by up to seven years in prison and a fine of up to $5,000.

In addition to abandonment, the dog’s condition suggests he’s been neglected for a while. He requires surgery for advanced ear infections. He also needs ongoing treatment for skin sores and corneal ulcers.

Image via screencapture from YouTube video

Following the mandatory 7-day hold, William will be cared for by the Long Island Bulldog Rescue who will provide medical care and find him a permanent home. Anyone interested in adopting him or donating for his care should contact them directly.

If anyone has information or who recognizes the unknown woman please call the MSPCA’s Law Enforcement line at 1-800-628-5808. Help us find the woman responsible for leaving such a sweet dog alone at the groomers!

Featured Image via screencapture from YouTube video

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