Pomeranian who’s ‘too big to sell’ abandoned by breeder

A Pomeranian typically weighs between 7 to 10 pounds. They may be little dogs, but they have an energetic spirit and big heart because they are descended from sled dogs. Sadly, one breeder decided to dump a Pomeranian puppy because he was “too big to sell”. The puppy ended up at an animal shelter because of his stature. But, this puppy was not going to be unwanted and unloved for very long.

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The five-month-old pomeranian, now known as Bert ended up in a shelter located in Sallisaw, Oklahoma. For the staff at the shelter, it was love at first sight. I mean who in their right mind wouldn’t adore this soft and fuzzy guy? While Bert was at the shelter, he was given the temporary name, Jasper.

Source: bertiebertthepom

Bert was listed on the PetFinder site which contains a list of shelter dogs and cats around the country listed by breed name. It did not take long at all for Bert to be noticed by an artist named Kathy Grayson. “I flew to Tulsa and drove to the town to pick him up, it was a wonderful adventure. The shelter was sad to see him go, he definitely had gotten some special extra love there,” Grayson explains.

Source: bertiebertthepom

The shelter staff was both happy and of course sad to see him go. As is the case with any animal shelter, staff get used to saying goodbye forever to their temporary pets. But little did the staff know that Jasper, now given his permanent name of Bert, would become famous on Instagram. Bert now has 135,000 followers! And it’s easy to see why.

Check Out This Cutie Pie!

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Bert Sure Hit The Jackpot In His New And Forever Home

“From day one, Bert was ready to join the art world! He is so calm and like … introspective,” Grayson said. “He’s been to dozens of openings, scores of art fairs in NYC, Miami, L.A., and the Hamptons even. He’s been to Canada and Seattle and D.C., to clubs, restaurants, bars, even the opera once! His motto is ‘Happy to be included!’”

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Don’t You Think Bert Looks Like A Little Bear?

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And He Even Gives Kisses!

He will sit up like a person and dance for treats,” Grayson explained. “I also trained him to kiss on command so if you are anywhere near him and I say kiss he will lick you. It’s adorable but now there are no free kisses; he wants a treat for them!”

Source: bertiebertthepom

Bert’s large size for a Pomeranian got himself a ticket to a home that every dog deserves. Most importantly, he got a life filled with love given and received freely. In summary, I’m thankful that we all get to enjoy Bert by seeing his photos. Bert has put a smile on the face of so many. Thank you to Kathy Grayson for sharing Bert with us all!

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