Pony Is Saved From Slaughter House Rescuers Receive A Big Thank You, It's Adorable

When you get a rescued animal you never know what they have been through.  Physical scars are easier to see than mental anguish.  You may get glimpses of their past here and there in how they act and respond to you. Sometimes just a simple and kind gesture like a pet or hug seem to mean so much and it touches both animal and human to realize only love exists now.  No more fear, no more loneliness.  Just simple love and kindness is all that is needed.

One rescued pony reciprocated a hug to his rescuer that has become an internet sensation.  Caught on video and now available for all to enjoy, is Kirk Hance giving his rescue pony a hug.  The pony, now named Tobias was sent to auction.  If you’ve ever been to a horse auction, you know that this day signifies life or death for those horses.  Most will either get bought by people wanting a horse or bought by the slaughterhouse.

This was Tobias’s last chance.  Kirk Hance and his wife were there because they had just moved to the country and thought they’d like to fill their land with some animals.  They stumbled across the sad reality of horse auctions and decided that is where they would buy a couple of horses.

They were immediately drawn to a large paint mare and the little pony, Tobias.  “He was sick and just kind of stared at the ground. I’m convinced he was severely depressed,” Kirk said. He and his wife opened their hearts and home to both horses right then and there.

A New Beginning

When they got home and released the horses into the pasture,  Tobias would keep his distance.  Kirk respected that and gave him his space.  But what happened next is what is tearing at the heartstrings of thousands of people. Kirk described his first approach to Tobias.   “I knew I needed to get down on his level and just show him I cared for him.  He came up to me, and what started as me just petting him softly and reassuring him it was OK, turned into a full embrace. I just sat there for a few minutes holding him. He seemed to relax and almost fell asleep as if he knew he was safe.”

Thankfully we all get to appreciate this heartwarming moment.  Maybe some, after reading this will even consider going to a horse auction for their next horse purchase.  Watch this sweet video and don’t forget to share if this touched your heart.  Maybe more people will open their hearts and homes to horses destined for the slaughterhouse.

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