Poor pitbull has not received an adoption application in two years, he puts out the saddest plea

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Apollo is a nine-year-old Pittie, who through no fault of his own has been waiting for over two years to be adopted. This is a gentle giant who has waited long enough to find that special someone.



Apollo was pulled from the NYACC kill list by Second Chance Rescue (SCR) in February 2017. His owner moved and did not take Appolo along because dogs were not allowed in the housing unit. Apollo must have endured a sense of abandonment when he was turned into the shelter. To make matters worse, it was a high-kill shelter where he was dropped off. Thankfully, he escaped euthanasia when Second Chance Rescue came in to rescue him.


Sadly, Apollo has faced over 2 years of living at a shelter with not one application put in for him.  But this mellow fellow seems to take it all in stride. Despite being abandoned and suffering having his ears cut off, Apollo still remains friendly to all. He greets everyone that he meets with a smile as he wiggles his body in excitement. This gentle boy has done nothing wrong, and he deserves a loving forever home for his remaining years.



Second Chance Rescue has posted this plea on Apollo’s behalf, “Ideally, I would like to be filling my days with belly rubs, cuddles, and playtime with a family.”


Apollo Has A Long List Of Great Qualities


Apollo has a lot going for him. He is good looking, has great manners, is affectionate and is also house trained.  Second Chance Rescue added to his plea by stating, “But when you meet him, look into his warm chocolate eyes and take him for a walk, all the doubts melt away. Apollo is simply magnificent. To meet him is to love him,”



If you would like to give Apollo the chance that he deserves, you can inquire about him with Second Chance Rescue or fill out an adoption form here.

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