Pregnant Actress Says Goodbye To Beloved 15-Year-Old Pup Days Before Giving Birth


Every pet owner knows what it’s like to have to say goodbye to one of our precious fur babies. It’s never an easy decision, once they are reaching the end of the road, deciding that their suffering outweigh your horror at having to have them put down. However, it’s unendurable to watch your loved ones suffer.


You know that you will miss them every single minute of every single day, but you also know it’s the right thing to do. It’s no different for celebrities. Recently, Eva Longoria Baston announced on Instagram that her precious fur baby, Jinxy, died in her arms.

On top of the heartbreak associated with that, Baston is also pregnant and due to give birth any day.

“So the day I’ve been dreading happened last night. Jinxy passed away in my arms at the vet,” wrote Longoria. “He had a stroke that he just couldn’t come back from.”

“He was 15 years old (96 in dog years) and he filled those years with lots of love and laughter,” Longoria wrote. He was my baby before this baby in my belly came along. I’m so sad but know that he’s out of his suffering. Anyone who knew me, knew Jinxy. He will be missed by many. I love you Jinxy.”


Jinxy was quite the celebrity in his own right. The 15-year-old puppy was often found at his mistresses side. He was even on the cover of a magazine with Longoria a few years ago.

He is survived by both his new human brother and a french bulldog named Popeye.


Her goodbye post:


Longoria summed up her feeling for Jinxy quite nicely in another post on Instagram.

“You always had a way of looking into my soul, with your big brown eyes and heavy stare. I’ve long feared the day when you’d close your eyes for the last time,” Longoria wrote. “It breaks my heart that I didn’t say goodbye, but I know you on to see your mama through her miracle. For that, I thank you. You were her angel, here on earth, and Heaven awaits you with open arms. Rest in Peace Jinxy.”

Just days after putting Jinxy to rest, Longoria did indeed go into labor. She delivered a beautiful, healthy baby boy.

Share this far and wide to show everyone that no matter the heartbreak, life does indeed go on.

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