Pregnant Cat Found Stuck in Peanut Butter Jar, She Makes The Ultimate Sacrifice

Humans aren’t the only things that would do anything for their kids; animals also would do the same. The connection between a child and a parent is unlike any other. This momma cat, named Skippy, is no exception.

Many cats are homeless; they can be found in street corners and gutters.  As sad as that is it’s the truth.  The great amounts of trash on the street doesn’t help them either.  Lots of cats get stuck in empty bottles and plastic. When homeless Skippy found her head stuck in a jar of peanut butter, rescuers came to help.  They had to make sure they were gentle and careful with her body when removing the peanut butter jar from her head.  The cat was almost dead due to its lack of food and water.  Also it was covered in worms. Little did they know that she was pregnant, until they got to the vet hospital. Rescuers immediately sent her to San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus. They nursed her back to health there. They fed her and made sure to get rid of the worms on her body.

If Skippy did not receive the help she would have starved to death, leading to her dying and also her kitten’s death. Later Skippy successfully gave birth to four small kittens, all healthy. Unfortunately, Skippy was not healthy. The birth of her babies was too much for her body and she died.

Since she died her babies are living and well. Without this momma cat’s endurance, she or her babies would not have survived for as long as they did.  Skippy is just one of many moms that would do anything for their children.

Share with friends and family to remind them to dispose of their garbage properly.  Animals, unfortunately, pay for our carelessness.

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