Pregnant Dog Delivers Puppies At Fire Station, But Medics Make A Shocking Discovery

Life can be a pretty desperate situation for pregnant stray dogs. Especially if complications are involved. That’s how it was for this poor homeless dog who wanted nothing more than a decent meal and a safe place to deliver her puppies. Fortunately, this community in Apopka, Florida is full of kind-hearted people — especially the city’s firefighters, who took her in when she showed up at the fire department.

Image by Apopka Fire Department via Facebook

It didn’t take long for them to figure out this sweet dog was pregnant, but there was a major complication that left medics stunned. Despite her huge belly, the poor dog was extremely underweight — and that was the main culprit behind the complications she was suffering — because she was so hungry that she’d swallowed a mouthful of nails, Fox6Now reports.

Mama Dog Was Carrying More Than Puppies

“Even though she was pregnant with her belly, she was extremely underweight,” said Lt. Renee Beasley, a paramedic with the Apopka Fire Department. “She also had about 9 to 12 nails in her stomach, probably from ravaging for food.”

Beasley, who discovered her, served as a nurse, delivering a litter of eight puppies. Unfortunately one of the pups didn’t survive, but the others turned out quite healthy, AddictingStories reports. Beasley worked patiently with this beautiful mama dog, building up her health. And when she was out saving human lives her team at Apopka Station 5 took turns taking care of mom and pups. By this time, the fire crew gave this sweet dog a new name: Lady.

Image by the Apopka Fire Department via Facebook

Members of the community provided funds for vet care and supplies, and it’s likely each of the adorable pups will have a forever home.

“Our community has a huge heart and everybody’s reached out to try and help to try and help out with her, so that’s been awesome,” Beasley says.

And these puppies really are adorable! Take a look:

Image by Apopka Fire Department via Facebook

Obviously, they have healthy appetites.

Image by the Apopka Fire Department via Facebook

The puppies are all kinds of cute!

Image by Apopka Fire Department via Facebook

Who could resist this adorable baby?

And these little pups are having a blast.

Best of all, the staff at the fire department are completely taken with Lady, which means she also has a forever home.

“Lady is going to end up staying with us,” Beasley says. “We’ve become very bonded with her.”

It looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

Featured image by the Apopka Fire Department via Facebook

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