Pregnant Dog Now A Service Pup After Surviving Being Shot 17 Times And Having Her Ear Cut Off


Dog abuse happens in every country. But in some countries such as Lebanon, dogs are seen as inferior beings. Because of this view, dogs suffer terrible abuse at the hands of cruel people. One dog from Lebanon named Maggie was abused in some of the worst ways. She was shot 17 times and had her ear cut off. Maggie has no eyes because of what was done to her. But instead of giving up, she is now a therapy dog who helps to heal others.



“She doesn’t need eyes because she’s learned to see with her heart,” said Kasey Carlin, the human who adopted Maggie the Wunderdog.


Maggie was pregnant when she was shot while living in Lebanon. Her survival story is one of a true miracle. Thanks to rescuers at Wild at Heart Foundation who worked tirelessly for months she has now been rehabilitated to the point of living a happy life.



Dogs in Lebanon Need Our Help


The Wild at Heart Foundation website tells about the state of dogs in Lebanon. It states,

“The street dogs of Lebanon need our help. Decades of intrinsic beliefs in the utter inferiority of dogs has led to a culture of cruelty, neglect and often deeply-shocking violence. The levels of abuse in Lebanon are some of the worst we’ve ever witnessed: dogs tied up and used as target practice; puppies thrown from rooftops and balconies; life-threatening wounds inflicted for ‘sport’ or malicious curiosity.”


Thanks to Maggie’s rescuers, she was flown to England where she received help. She found a wonderful forever home with Kasey Carlin. Much to everyone’s surprise while in Kasey’s care, Maggie made a huge recovery. She also learned to trust people to the point of now becoming a therapy dog. Maggie helps to teach children about bullying, acceptance, and disabilities.


Maggie not only helps strangers, but she has helped to transform Kasey’s life.

Before Maggie, I was depressed and struggling with daily life. Maggie has introduced me to so many new people. I can’t walk down the street without Maggie making a new friend. Her joy is infectious, and she has made it her personal mission to befriend every person she meets.”


This story truly shows the forgiving nature of dogs. And how they offer so much love to us humans. We owe it to them to do all we can to stop the abuse.






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