Pregnant Gorilla Rushed To ER, It's Amazing What Happens To Her Next

Western Lowland Gorillas are one of the most endangered species on the planet.  Today the human race helped bring a baby gorilla into the world at the Philadelphia Zoo.

17-year-old Kira began labor but appeared tired and behaved as though she were feeling worse over the course of the morning.  Typically, gorilla labor is quick but zookeepers knew Kira was having difficulties.

The zoo called in backup from an OB-GYN to surgeons to an anesthesiologist for assistance in the birthing process.

“If this had gone how it typically goes, there would have been no human interference at all, we only intervene when there’s something wrong”

Techniques that are similar to that used for humans were used for the gorilla birth such as forceps and an episiotomy.  Once Kira woke up from her anesthesia she was introduced to her 5 lb baby boy.  I don’t think she left him since.

Kira is a first-time mom but already acts like a seasoned veteran cradling and nursing the baby.    She had a lot of practice being an older sister and she’s been very helpful to Honi, the zoo’s other female gorilla, as she raised baby Amani.  Amani was born 9 months ago.

One Twitter Fan Says “OMG first Amani ( who is beyond cute) now this cutie! So sweet! Its’s cuteness overload at the Philadelphia Zoo! That baby is adorable!”

When humans can help a whole species grow it is so rewarding.  Here’s to more baby gorilla births!

You can see the entire birth in the video below:


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