Prisoners Help Rehabilitate Abused Animals and Animals Help Prisoners

aA prison in Arizona is working together with a local animal shelter to provide rehabilitation for neglected animals and inmates.  The former jail was converted into a holding center for thousands of dogs, cats, and horses.  MASH is a small group of woman prisoners works closely with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Animal Safety Unit.

The program was designed to help the animals that have been rescued from horrible conditions of being mistreated and neglected to give them love and comfort.  Along the way, the program has reached more than just the animals.

One Inmates Story

Kristina Hazelett, a 35-year-old inmate had cats, birds, and hamsters as a young girl.  Six days a week Kristina is transported to the animal shelter where rows of cells have been renamed Bow Wow Way, Purr Lane, and Ruff Road.

‘These dogs are locked up just like we are and they need love just like we do,’ she explained. ‘It’s not about us when we come here. It’s all about the dogs and making sure they’re taken care of and loved and bathed .  So they know what it’s like to feel loved.’

To see more about the MASH unit watch the video below.  The program is a great idea and works for both inmates and animals!  TERRIFIC!

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