Pugs Surprise a 14 Year Old Boy with Autism, His Reaction Is Too Much

Autism is not an easy thing to grow up with most that have the diagnosis are isolated from peers.   14-year-old Andrew had experienced a life with few friends. To adjust to a lonely life he created imaginary friends to hang out with.  These friends all happened to be pugs.

Andrew was never allowed to have pets because of the places that the family lived.  However, his obsession with pugs grew into collections of pug things, including lots of t-shirts. His birthday was quickly approaching and his sister came up with an idea……a pug-themed birthday party.  After talking to a neighbor, McKenna, Andrew’s sister, she decided to invite some friends with pugs to the birthday party.

Unfortunately three days before his birthday there was no one with a pug coming to the party.

He has always been too scared to have a birthday party in fear nobody would show up.

Then something amazing happened.

Pug Nation Rescue heard about Andrew’s party and wanted to help. The group started an event on it’s Facebook page, and within a few hours, over 50 people and their pugs had RSVP’d for Andrew’s birthday.

Finally, party day had arrived 15 pugs and their owner anxiously awaited Andrew’s arrival.  He kept asking “Is that a pug?” because he just couldn’t believe his eyes.  He thought he was dreaming, everyone was so emotional and crying.  In total over 80 different pugs came by to wish him a happy birthday.

For most of the party, Andrew sat in the grass watching all the pugs running around.  He greeted each dog and played with each one individually for a few moments.  Nothing could have made him happier and filled with joy than all of these pugs.

Acceptance isn’t something you feel with Autism but on this day Andrew had all the love, acceptance, friends and pug hugs he could ever dream of.

“He told me it was the best birthday he has ever had and that he wants to do this every year,” Little said.

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