Jax barely escaped his life in the dog fighting ring but he’s made an amazing transformation


Sometimes animals that need help just come to the right people. It could be by chance or maybe it’s divine intervention.  One puppy clinging to life found himself on just the right porch when he collapsed. Let’s take a look at this story of survival, transformation, and love.


This story takes place in Kansas. A woman was going about her day when all of a sudden a severely injured and abused puppy showed up on her front porch. The pup was a 5-month-old pit bull now named Jax. From his injuries, the vet believes Jax was forced to partake in dogfighting.


The Puppies Eyes Were Swollen Shut


Jax was taken to a dog rescue immediately. His brown eyes were swollen shut and he had big open puncture wounds around the neck.  The rescue shelter could see Jax was in need of a veterinarian right away, so they took him in for treatment. Jax’s wounds were tended to, and he was fed and given a safe place to rest and recover.



Every day, the good samaritan that found Jax, would visit him at the animal hospital. “Every night his eyes were opening and he was just smiling,” she recalled. But even with Jax getting better, she couldn’t help but think about what he went through.  She also questioned how people could be so cruel.


“It’s got to be the worst emotional feeling there could ever be. How could someone do that?” She said.



Jax Recovers


After 2 weeks in intensive care, Jax made a full recovery. Then he was placed in foster care. After that, it didn’t take long for Jax to get adopted. Because Jax survived his abuse, his new family gave him a fitting name.  Jax means God is gracious.  “Three weeks ago he couldn’t walk. All he could do is wag his tail and lift his head a little bit. Now he runs and plays and jumps and loves life,” his human mom said.



We Can All Make A Difference


If you suspect that dogfighting is going on, don’t ignore it. Report it to the authorities, which are your local police or humane society.  Because you can make a difference, always do something.   Jax is one of the lucky ones.  Many dogs die in the fighting ring. And still, other dogs are left to suffer and die from their injuries. In summary, let’s all work together to put an end to dogfighting forever.







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