Husky Puppies Caught Napping In An Unexpected Place

In Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, temperatures get quite hot. These temperatures bother dogs and other animals. Luckily, these three husky-type dogs found a way to escape the heat. As the temperature reached 30 degrees Celsius (which is 86 degrees Fahrenheit), the dogs took over the fridge to cool down.

The fridge perfectly fits for the dogs, and all three animals fell asleep. These pups are only a few months old and they already know how to beat the heat!

Even better, they caught this whole thing on video. The video shows the owner opening the door to reveal the pups.


The owner’s house is going through construction having a new air conditioning system put in.   Worrying the dogs wouldn’t appreciate the heat, the owner came up with the idea of putting them in the fridge. She left the door cracked so they could breathe.

They said: ‘It was hot, the air conditioner was being installed, fearing the dogs would be shocked by the heat we decided to store them in a cool place with the door slightly opened.’

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