Puppies and Kittens Think The Tiniest Shelter Volunteer Is Just One Of Them

Emily Rock couldn’t be more proud of her daughter, Sophia.  At the tender age of 8, Emily displays a compassion towards animals that need extra tender loving care.

Emily Rock

Emily is an animal care technician at her local shelter.  In addition to caring for the animals at the shelter, she also often takes in foster kittens that need bottle fed.  Little Sophia is there through it all providing the shelter animals and foster kittens with socialization and love that they soak right up.

Emily Rock

“Sofia has a way with animals that is simply astounding,” Emily said. “They respond to her. The level of empathy she shows to them makes my heart want to explode. I am one proud mama.”

Emily Rock

As Emily hands out meds to the animals that need it at the shelter, Sophia is right there helping her mom and the animals.  Once, as Emily And Sophia were making their rounds, the little girl took a moment to share some love with some homeless puppies.

Emily Rock

“She went into the kennel to help feed them, and ended up hanging out in there getting bowled over with puppy love,” Emily explained. “She simply collapsed onto the floor giggling as they all leaped to lick, love, and play. It was ridiculously cute.”

“She collapsed onto the floor giggling.”

Emily Rock

Sophia loves helping her mom and caring for the homeless animals.  Because she is only 8 years old, she still needs to be supervised at the shelter. So for now, she will keep on doing exactly what she does best.  And that is to provide the animals with a human friend that they can trust, play with and snuggle up to.

Emily Rock

When she gets older Emily would like to continue to work at the shelter like her mom.  It looks like this is a match made in heaven.  Sophia has a gift of spreading love and joy that she willingly gives to all of the animals.  From the photos, it looks like the feeling that the dogs and cats have for Sophia is mutual.

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