Puppy can't understand why Black Lab won't play with him, hilariously he keeps trying

Often times, the pets we have turn out to be another member of the family. Think about puppies for example. These sweet animals love us with no limits even when we don’t deserve it. If you are in a bad mood, most dogs will come right up and snuggle in an attempt to cheer you up. After all, there’s a reason they receive the title, ‘man’s best friend’. With the sweetness and laughs they bring, these animals hold a special place in the hearts of people.

This dog is a perfect example! He sees a statue, and it looks like a very real dog. Hilariously, he can not seem to figure out why this “dog” doesn’t want to play with him. In his anger, he begins to bark at the figure. It is hard to believe the statue looks so real that a pup wants to play with it, but once you see it, you’ll believe it! And once you see it, you won’t be able to stop laughing!

The statue sitting in the middle of the room.

Who wouldn’t want to play with such an adorable little pup? This dog’s determination to play with a dog statue has got us cracking up. Little does he know, he will certainly be disappointed because the chances of this dog playing with him are non-existent. But, he’ll keep trying and trying. Good for you pup for not giving up!

Dogs have such a bright spirit just like the dog in this video! This video goes to show just how awesome dogs really are!

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