Puppy Found Dumped On Side Of The Road–His Condition Was Terrifying

 Sadly, animal cruelty happens quite often in today’s world. While it’s an awful thing to do, it’s classified as a sociopathic behavior. Many sociopaths go on to commit even worse heinous acts that can even threaten our national security. Well, that’s a horrifying thing to think about. Animal cruelty is recognized by psychoanalysts as an obvious trait of sociopaths because it shows a person’s depravity and lack of empathy for any living being, not just animals. To these people, it’s a lower-risk way to harm something in a “legal” sense in that it doesn’t often result in extreme punitive measures even when it should. Animal cruelty acts as a gateway drug of sorts. Luckily harsher punishments are being handed out these days for these disgusting and cruel people.

Easy to see, whoever got their hands on this dog obviously is a sociopath. This case of abuse left everybody stunned.

In Wichita, Kansas, somebody found this sweet pup. Originally, they thought a car hit her. After approaching her, they realized the poor pup’s eyes and mouth were glued shut.

Additionally, she had bruising in her abdomen. Luckily, Beauties and Beasts caught wind of the situation. After seeing it, they created a Facebook post for the pup. In the post, they asked for donations to help with the sweet dog’s recovery. Immediately, the post gained 145 separate donations, totaling in $3,428.

Even better, they offered a $1,000 reward for any information that helps them find the person guilty. Thanks to the attention of vets, the pup is happily on its way to recovery. We hope this person is found and put to justice as they should be for this cruel act against this defenseless sweet dog.

Thankfully, this pup received help in the nick of time. Share if you are just as happy for her as we are!

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