Puppy Escapes From Home and Rings the Doorbell to Get Back Inside

Dogs are a mans best friend, and great to have around. They’re great to have around for a good laugh, as they always make you feel better. They will do anything to cheer you up and the Golden Retriever is no exception to the rule. They are, after all, pretty intelligent creatures. Outside of Spokane, Washington – where our story takes place – a 3-year old Golden Retriever named Marshall accidentally gets out of his home. What’s interesting is the puppy escapes yet, somehow manages to find a way to get back inside.

Puppy escapes from home

Image via screencapture from YouTube video

How is it possible for a dog to escape when the door is closed? Maybe Marshall knew how to open the door? The only question is – how did he get back inside? According to We Love Animals, ‘is that he [Marshall] didn’t do it on purpose and he definitely didn’t want to run off. The video Marshall’s owner, Greg Basel, posted from his Nest video doorbell system is uber adorable!

Greg installed the system to alert him whenever someone was at the door. The video system will produce a knocking noise (inside the home) before the doorbell has rung. Nest customers can customize their notification sounds through an app.

The way that Marshall tried to re-enter the home made everyone smile. It shows the puppy outside the front door, knocking– or in this case, pawing, to get back inside. The Nest system alerted his family to him being outside.

Dog learns new trick – getting back inside

Whether Greg taught Marshall to do this or not is still at question. However, we are highly entertained by the video. This “trick” is very handy for dogs to learn in case they do get out by accident. Marshall’s adventure was over just seconds after it started. Take a look at the video below to see how this good boy got back inside his home.

Featured Image via screencapture from YouTube video

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