Puppy Gets Tossed From Moving Truck On The Road–Vet Makes Startling Discovery

Minding her own business, Mary Jane drove down the road when something caught her attention. Just in front of her, she saw somebody tossing stuff out the back of their truck.

After getting a closer look, what she saw flying out of the back broke her heart to pieces. Turns out, they threw puppies out the back of a truck. Unbelievable! Anybody who tosses puppies out the back of a moving vehicle is sick and should be arrested immediately! As anybody would do, Mary Jane halted her drive. She stepped out to help the poor puppies. Knowing they needed immediate attention, she picked them up and rushed to a vet.  Luckily, the puppies only had a few scrapes and bruises. Stepping up, the Brookhaven Animal Rescue League provided shelter. To help more, they set out to find the puppies forever homes. During the vet visit, they discovered one dog, eventually named Shamrock, had an awful previous leg injury that never healed properly. Surprisingly, the vet couldn’t even fix it on his own. He needed extra help to care for sweet Shamrock.

After seeing this, they told Mary Jane the dog needed a specialist. Only a special surgery could correct his leg.

Because it was a big surgery, the bill became too big for Mary Jane to pay herself. Lucky for her, people from Greater Good Friends Program came up with a huge donation covering the surgery. Thankfully, Shamrock is fully healthy and recovered now. Mary Jane even decided to adopt Shamrock for herself.

Hats off to all that helped with the puppies’ amazing rescue! Hopefully, Mary Jane also got the license plate of that cruel and callous driver so they can be brought to justice and charged accordingly.

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