Goldie can’t stop himself from becoming a statue when Saturday morning cartoons come on

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Dogs seem to have a way of constantly making us proud. We can not get enough of their sweetness and love. Their constant surprises keep us on our toes just waiting to see what they will do next. When they bring out their absolute cuteness, dogs can melt even the coldest of hearts. They also serve as our alarm clock waking us up at our bedside every morning to go potty.

All pets bring something amazing into our lives, but dogs are extra special. Being a man’s best friend, there is not much a dog can’t do for us. They can be our shoulder to cry on, our cuddle bug, our protector, and so much more. One thing they are very good at is giving their humans a good laugh.

Pets, specifically dogs, do not enjoy being home alone. When we are not home, they spend their days wasting time away until they see their favorite faces again. With not much to do around the house, dogs often find their way into things we would like for them to stay away from. When your only other option is to sleep, that bag of garbage by the door starts to look very interesting. Who knows what could be inside? Well, your dog is here to find out.

Haven’t you ever wondered what exactly your pooch does all day while you are out and about? Most people like to think their dog becomes a guard for the house while they are away, or maybe they just think their dog sleeps all day long. Nobody knows for sure though what goes on when we aren’t around. Sometimes, we come home and catch them red-handed in the middle of their mischief. When we do, they look at us with their sweet puppy eyes and somehow make us feel they are innocent.

This is a perfect example of that. Take a look!

What do you think about this? It sure does make us wonder what our dog is getting into when we aren’t around. Share this post with your friends and family!

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