Puppy makes 'The Great Escape' so he can join his doggy siblings in some fun

Having a dog can be challenging but it can also be one of the most wonderful things. Dogs are love and for most of us, our dogs are our life. You can’t deny the fact that they put some sparkle in your day,  All pets are wonderful, but if there are one species that is able to make every day interesting then it’s definitely our canine friends.

So we decided to tell you this story and show you a video of this amazing, funny and cute little puppy.

After some time out with his fur brothers this little one needed some time on his own (and his brother needed some “adult” time) As they were playing around in front of the “imprisoned” pup they didn’t mean to but they most definitely made it tough for the pup to quietly stay behind bars.

Now, we can take the time and discuss why this is, might be because he was not obedient, or made a mess in the house, maybe peed or pooped indoors or even was caught biting on something valuable. Either way, we have established that he has been “imprisoned”.

However, this little guy’s determination takes him right on the road to freedom. At first, he screams and yelps for help but when he finds out that he is on is own, he quickly figures out a way to escape unharmed.

He can’t imagine a world where he can live without his friends, let alone miss out on the fun they are having without him. So, his great escape was put into motion and he finds a way to be with his friends “on the outside”.

This little cutie will make you laugh as his persistence is definitely worth watching the video again and again. Take a look and see for yourself. Simply hilarious!

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