Puppy Named ‘Lieutenant Dan’ Enjoying Life In A Wheelchair After Being Rescued With His Back Legs Wrapped In Barbed Wire


Lieutenant Dan is like any other happy-go-lucky dog in so many ways. He has a great attitude about life and just wants to have fun. This fun-loving dog enjoys being with people and he gives back so much affection to those who spend time with him. One detail separates Lieutenant Dan from most dogs, and that is the fact that he doesn’t have hind legs.


Nashville Humane Association

There are many dogs who have only 3 legs. Affectionately known as tripods, 3-legged dogs get around surprisingly well. But to have only 2 legs is another story.


Lieutenant Dan was found with barbed wire wrapped around his back legs. It was so tightly wrapped that Nashville Human Association could not save his back legs. They did, however, save his life. They also gave him a second chance at having a future forever home.


Nashville Humane Association

Through the ordeal of amputation and skin grafts, Lieutenant Dan stayed positive. He never gave up his zeal for life or his love for humans. He still gives kisses and wags his tail to everyone he meets.


Lieutenant Dan Holds No Grudges


Laura Chavarria, Executive Director at Nashville Humane Association commented about Lieutenant Dan’s special attitude.  “Dan is so special because he is a great example of not letting your past hold you back. He has such a forgiving nature when he has no reason to trust any human after what he’s been through. He lives in the present, and he’s just happy to be alive,” she said.



You may have already imagined that Lieutenant Dan’s medical care has been pricey. And you would be correct. Shelters around the country struggle just to house and feed dogs and cats. Lieutenant Dan’s success story is much in part due to an organization called GreaterGood.org and its Rescue Bank program.


The shelter was able to afford Lieutenant Dan’s prosthetics and wheelchair because of food donations received through GreaterGood.org’s Rescue Bank program.

“Rescue Bank’s donation really lets us make every dollar count. So instead of having to focus on feeding our animals, we’re able to use that budgetary money for special needs animals like



Because the Rescue Bank helped with the shelter’s food bill, they had enough money to help Lieutenant Dan. And in the end, that has made all the difference for him. Many have already put in applications to adopt this sweetheart of a dog.



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