Puppy Goes In For Surgery And Goes Crazy For This Hospital 'Toy'

Puppies find the strangest things as fun to play with.  Nine-month-old Finn is no exception to this.

Finn saw his veterinary clinic for surgery, and during his checkup a few days later, he was back to his playful puppy self. His surprising post-surgery energy releases when he discovers the doorstop attached to the wall at the clinic.

His owner, Elizabeth, chats with the doctor during the video. Finn is far less serious and makes his fun of jumping on and pawing at the doorstop. He barks at it, enthralled to find that this doorstop has springy effects. Finn pulls at it and releases it, and continues his good fun. His happiness is clear in his constantly wagging tail as he prances over the doorstop.

Like most puppies, Finn is quite the playful little one. He may be small, but he approaches other dogs without hesitation. As well, he has regular playmates in large breed dogs, such as a St. Bernard, a large hound, and a German Shepherd. No matter his size, Finn plays with anything, whether it’s as small as a doorstop or as big as his friends.

Finn is originally from Michigan, but his forever home with Elizabeth is in Peterborough, Ontario. His family also has a cat whom he would be just as happy to play with, however, it is questionable that the cat feels the same way. Cats may be tough to make friends with, but this cute corgi could win over any heart.

Finn’s fun doesn’t stop at home. Like many dogs, he enjoys car rides. He gets to frequent the woods for a good hike with Elizabeth where they get to have a good romp and explore together. Though it looks like he could eat this doorstop, he would much prefer the sausage treats he gets at home.

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