Puppy Taking His Last Breaths In Gutter Rescued Just In Time

Rescuers came to the aid of a puppy when reports came in. The call reported the animal had collapsed in a sewer drain. Workers removed stone over the top of the drain, showing him for the first time. He was trembling in the water, moans escaping him.

“We received an urgent call on our helpline reporting a puppy who had been heard crying from within a closed sewage gutter,” said Animal Aid Unlimited, India. “Our rescuers had to lift a large slab of cement covering the gutter, and laying in the water, so weak his nose kept falling into the water, was a puppy who seemed to be taking his last breaths.”

Image by Animal Aid Unlimited

His moans were heartbreaking to hear, and it was clear he was suffering tremendously. He could barely hold his head up, and rescuers would watch as it kept falling into the water. The rescuers could see no outlying injuries, but knew they had to work quickly to save the life of the dog. “We scooped him out but discovered he had serious neurological problems,” his rescuers write. The man who pulled him from the water dried him off with a blanket. Even then the dog was crying.

Image via YouTube

They named him Little Leo.

Not Out Of The Woods Yet

Although he was safe now, Little Leo still had a long way to go. They started him on an IV with fluids and medicine to help stabilize him. He slept for the next 24 hours, and by the third day, he was awake. Leo was very weak and could barely hold himself up to eat.

Image via YouTube

He also couldn’t balance enough to stand. By the sixth night, he had a seizure. By day 7 he could stand, but he couldn’t stop circling.

Image via YouTube

They didn’t think Leo was going to recover, but after days of falling and circling, he learned how to walk. Watch the video below to see the amazing journey Little Leo overcame! Be warned though, the video is heartbreaking and might not be suitable for young viewers.

Featured Image via YouTube

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