Puppy tied behind a car and drug down the street-it is brutal


The cold hard fact is that there are evil people in this world. We can either ignore that fact and look the other way, or accept it and try to counteract the bad things with good things. Thankfully, there ARE many kind people in this world who step in and help those that have been abused. This is the story of abuse of the worst kind. A dog was brutally dragged behind a vehicle before a good Samaritan stepped in to save the dog.

A dog named Remi was tied and then dragged behind a moving vehicle in Brisbane, Queensland. Remi was tied to the towbar with no way to get loose until a hero named Jeremy stepped in. Jeremy rushed towards the vehicle and untied Remi. He then took her to the vet for treatment.

Remi Was In So Much Trauma That She Had To Be Put Into An Induced Coma To Heal

Remi was in such bad shape with cuts and bruises all over her body. She was placed in an induced coma. The open wounds and exposed bones were incredibly painful for Remi to endure. She also had ripped paw pads and a broken jaw. Just the pain alone may have killed her had not she been placed in a coma to heal.

Remi’s chances of survival were very low. But she had a fighting spirit and has pulled through and begun to heal. Her treatments are estimated to cost around $3,000. A GoFundMe page has been set up for Remi by Happy Tails Animal Rescue.

The GoFundMe Page states this, “Last week Happy Tails Animal Rescue received an unbelievable phone call. A man had witnessed a dog tied to a towbar being dragged behind the car down a road and with some quick thinking and incredible bravery, he had forced the car to stop, untied the dog and rushed her to a vet to try to save her.”

The GoFundMe page goes on to say, “This hero (Jeremy) desperately needed our help to save the puppy. Even though we had no vets in the area, and have a waiting list of animals needing vet work already, we knew we had to help. We couldn’t let this little pup die a painful death because of an act of human cruelty.”

The president of Happy Tails Animal Rescue had this to say on their Facebook page, “She’s got possibly a broken jaw, severe bruising around the jaw, one of her front paw pads was ripped completely off, and the grazes go through to the bone. One thing they are concerned about is the damage she’s had to her tendons, so she’s got really weak tendons.”

Remi No Longer Trusts Humans

Jeremy has not only rescued Remi from her abusers, but he has taken care of her since then. He takes care of her bandages and tends to her wounds. Remi is also taking pain medications and antibiotics to protect her body from infection. She has justifiably so, developed a distrust of humans. But Jeremy continues to show nothing but love and patience to her.

Remi now has a second chance at a happy life filled with love, not abuse, thanks to Jeremy and her rescuers. If you see any kind of animal abuse make sure to report it to authorities immediately. With everyone’s help, we can help to fight abuse against innocent animals like Remi.

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