Puppy Wakes Up From Scary Surgery Vet Does Something No One Expected ,Not Even Co-Workers

The most talented veterinarians in the world took care of little puppy Meesha, but there was no way she knew that fact that would put her at ease

The dog was healthy and alive, but she woke to herself being surrounded by unfamiliar faces. The puppy was obviously nervous and frightened.

The largest shelter in Baltimore, BARCS Animal Shelter, has an amazing team of workers. This shelter provided unbelievably excellent healthcare for any animal that walks into the door.

BARCS sprays, neuters, and nurtures all animals in the shelter. They reach out to the area to find the animals a forever home.

Meesha and her brother

Little Meesha clearly did not know all of this. She became conscious when the anesthesia wore off,  so she cried and whimpered because her body did not feel right. Clueless to where she was, her response was understandable.

Surgical Assistant Dennis Moses was the first to hear the puppy. He knew she was frightened and proceeded to pick her up. Dennis picked up little Meesha and took her to a better place.  Meesha and Dennis went out to the quiet hallway where she could hopefully relax.

Dennis amazing act of kindness and calmness would have gone unnoticed. Except another volunteer stumbled upon Meesha and Dennis.

The volunteer whipped out her camera to capture the beautiful sight.

Dennis did everything he could to help Meesha feel at ease and soothe her. He spoke softly and gave dog lots of kisses. What a great way to wake up!

The video below makes me tear up it’s so sweet!  If you agree share with your friends.

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