Puppy was found tied up and abandoned in a shopping mall, she heard is muffled cries inside a display

Unfortunately, there are some extremely cruel people in this world. These type of people have no regard for any living being. On the other hand, there are also people who would do anything to save something with a beating heart. When Radley, a Border Terrier Cross, was found all tied up, good people came to his rescue.

During a normal day at a thrift shop, customers shopped. Until something out of the blue occurred. One particular shopper found a purse on a display. But this purse was moving! So they looked into it.  Inside, the shopper found a puppy tied up. Startled, she immediately called the RSPCA of London, UK.

This shocking finding was extremely sad for everyone. The RSPCA later came to find that Radley was only 8 weeks old. Without his mother at this young of an age, he could have died. Also, the team found that the sweet baby had digestive and trauma issues. They wanted to find the person who tied the small puppy up. The RSPCA comments,

“We have come across similar cases, but it’s concerning to see how young the puppy was. Normally dogs have to stay with their mother until they are eight weeks old, so he could have easily died in the cold if he hadn’t been found.”

Although this adorable dog is too young to be adopted, he is getting all the love he needs at an animal shelter. The staff treat him like he is their own pet because of how sweet he is. For now, he is recovering. But soon we hope a great family adopts him because he truly deserves a new beginning.

As far as his past owner goes, the police are trying to find them. Animal cruelty is no joke. Thank God someone found Radley, or he could still be tied up, or even worse dead. Share this post so we can bring awareness to animal cruelty.

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