Puppy's Funny Reaction To Toy Dog Is Pure Gold

Just like humans, dogs can become jealous. After all, if they think their humans are falling in love with something or someone else, they can get worried. And while most of us would never love anything more than we love our dogs (c’mon, you know that’s true!), this golden retriever voicing his objections over a new toy dog is pretty cute.

He gives the toy dog a good sniff-over as if to say “hey, what is this thing?”

How cute is this inquisitive puppy? Screenshot by RumbleViral via YouTube video

Toy Dog Has This Puppy Worried

Is this adorable puppy thinking the toy looks like a mini version of himself? The toy is sensory activated and barks and moves, TheAnimalRescueSite reports. And puppy is clearly bewildered. But also fascinated!

What is this thing? Screenshot by RumbleViral via YouTube video

The retriever pup boops the toy with his nose.

“Who’s a good boy?” Mom says.

The puppy raises a paw to bat at this new abomination clearly stealing his mom’s attention. But he’s a bit too far away, so he bats at it again to show it who’s boss.

Adorable puppy extends a floofy paw to touch the invader! Screenshot by RumbleViral via YouTube video

It would be hilarious if we could read this puppy’s mind

“That puppy better behave!” might be what he’s thinking.

Or maybe he’s thinking:

“Mom’s petting him and not me!”

The puppy is used to being the center of mom’s world, so he’s definitely not happy with the new intruder, RumbleInc. reports. So he lets out a couple of good barks and settles into mom for some reassurance.

Time for cuddles to make the puppy feel better! Screenshot by RumbleViral via YouTube video

From the safety of mom’s legs, he watches the doggy imposter and nudges mom’s hand. He’s definitely not happy about her petting this toy.

“Hey! You’re only supposed to pet me!”

You could almost swear he’s saying this. And as if on cue, he barks his concern. Honestly, this puppy is so fuzzy and beautiful. His mom bought him the toy dog so he wouldn’t have to be alone during the day, but the little fellow is clearly still on the fence over this interloper.

But then mom continues to pet the toy and says “nice puppy!

The retriever puppy voices his opinion. Screenshot by RumbleViral via YouTube video

This puppy’s temper tantrum may be the cutest thing you’ve seen all day. You can watch the funny video below.

Featured image by RumbleViral via YouTube video

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