Homeless Puppy Is Screaming In Pain, Then An Angel Shows Up And Changes Everything

The content at the beginning of this video may be difficult to watch, but the ending is rewarding for how happy this rescued puppy is!

Animal Aid’s rescue team responded to a call in India due to a puppy whose screams warranted immediate help. Rescuers found the puppy in an empty lot, where he cowered behind bushes and along the walls surrounding the lot. He had a bloody and torn ear that caused him terrible pain.

A member of the rescue team approached the puppy with caution. The rescuer covered the puppy in a blanket and scooped him up into his arms to bring him to their vehicle. The rescuer tried his best to be gentle with the puppy, but he still cried out in hoarse screams.

While the rescuer carried the puppy, he didn’t struggle and was put into their truck to be brought to the Animal Aid shelter. They needed to sedate the puppy to be able to clean his wounds and assess the situation.

The Road to a New Life

After cleaning the exposed wound around his ear, Animal Aid found that the ear was almost entirely torn away. They would need to surgically remove the puppy’s torn ear for him to be comfortable again, as well as to have his best shot at ordinary living.

The puppy experienced a successful surgery, thanks to Animal Aid’s help. After two weeks of recovery, it doesn’t seem like he had experienced such hardship. His single floppy ear adds to his incredibly cute and vibrant personality! Perhaps speaking to his playfulness, Animal Aid named this rescued puppy Banjo.

As a result of Animal Aid’s hard work, Banjo is now happy and healthy. He’s ready to begin his life with other rescued animals at the Animal Aid’s sanctuary.

Watch the video below to see his amazing transformation after he’s cleaned up!

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