Rabbits In Sweaters Is The Perfect Therapy, But It Wasn't Always Perfect.

Meet Betsy and Walter, two Flemish giant rabbits who have a very important job to do.  Both rabbits are therapy animals trained through Pet Partners.  This organization trains volunteers and pets to provide animal therapy to people with emotional needs.

When they aren’t “working” you can find them with Jenn their owner in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Betsy was her first rescue in 2013, she had been found along the side of the road.  People tend to think that domesticated rabbits will survive in the wild.  But they don’t know how to fend for themselves.

Since Eckert loved Betsy so much, she went back to the  Humane Society to adopt Walter..luckily, he and Betsy can share sweaters. The two have totally different personalities:  Betsy is calm and quiet and Walter is curious. Walter especially likes getting people’s attention by nudging their ankles for a few head pats.

Now both rabbits not only have a forever family, they have each other and the work they do is helping a lot of people.

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