Raccoon Saving 'Drowning' Brother From Pool Is Caught On Video

When two mischievous little raccoons spend their days near a pool their first instinct is to get in.  Well in this case only one thinks it’s a good idea.  Brothers, Waylon and Willie like to cool off in their owner’s pool just like humans.

But while Willie absolutely loves to go for a dip, Waylon is a bit more cautious.

As the video is filmed and the raccoons test the waters.  Waylon’s reaction to Willie taking a swim will leave you in tears.

Waylon only tests the water with his front paws and seems to tap his brother to get him back from the edge. Willie, on the other hand, gives a motion as if to say,”It’s ok, I got this.”

Waylon appears anything but relaxed.  In this case, he seems more like a parent than a sibling.  If he could yell I think he’d be yelling “William Todd Christian you get back here right this minute!” to his brother.  Willie just doggie paddles around like pro.

Every time the swimming raccoon gets close Waylon puts out a paw to try to help him come back to dry land.

“Waylon is trying to save him,” the boys’ mom says.

Once Willie gets back to the step Waylon relaxes a little.   But it’s not enough..

Check out the video to see how this ends.

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