Raccoon Scales a 25-Story Building, Becomes an Internet Star

In June of 2018, an enterprising trash panda set out to make the climb of a lifetime. Why would he do it? We still don’t know. But for one brief, shining day, this little guy, now known as @MnPRraccoon on Twitter, made raccoon history.

Look! Up in the Sky!

Image via Twitter

On Tuesday, June 12, 2018, workers in the 25-story UBS building in St. Paul, Minnesota, noticed something strange. It was a raccoon. Raccoons aren’t strange — in fact, they’re common in urban, rural, and forested areas. But this raccoon was climbing up the building.

Image via Twitter

People rushed to post photographs and videos of the brave little guy. And before long, he — or she — had their own twitter account. What’s more, Minnesota Public Radio was live tweeting the creature’s ascent, and the local Fox News Affiliate even set up a Raccoon Cam in the window where the little guy stopped to take a break. On the 23rd floor.

What is He Doing Up There?

Why do raccoons do anything? They’re incredibly smart, so this one must have had its reasons. According to one local reporter, the raccoon had started his ascent on a different building, then transferred to the UBS building. And then, for whatever reason, went up instead of down. That reporter theorizes that @MnPRraccoon might have been searching for pigeon nests to raid for eggs.

Image via Twitter

The Raccoon climbed more than twenty stories, then, understandably, stopped for a good, long nap. Then it started climbing again around two in the morning on Wednesday. Building maintenance staff tried to “help” by poking at it with a two-by-four. Of course, raccoons climb when they’re frightened. So that just meant Trash Panda’s break had come to an end.

In “His” Own Words

Apparently, during his ascent, MnPRraccoon had time for a tweetstorm.

Image via Twitter

“I got 99 problems, but a fear of heights ain’t one,” he tweeted as he went up.

Being this close to mortality also made the little guy reflect a bit.

Image via Twitter

“A little background. My mother was a raccoon. So was my father. I don’t like to talk about it.”

Image via Twitter

Is everyone getting a book deal these days but me? @MnPRRaccoon wrote, “I’ve already started work on my memoir: No Way But Up: the MPR Raccoon Story.”

Did @MnPRraccoon Make It?

Image via Twitter

Yes! The intrepid raccoon reached the roof, shortly after 7:00 AM on Wednesday. At which point animal rescuers lured it into a live trap with a feast of moist cat food. Wildlife management will relocate the internet’s newest star to a more appropriate, and hopefully safer, part of Minnesota. You can see the raccoon’s moment of glory captured in the video below.

You guyyyyys!!! The #mprracoon made it to the roof!!! This is the best day ever!!!


— Madison Rayne (@MadisonRayne) June 13, 2018

Featured Image: CC SA 3.0, by Paxson Woelber, via Wikimedia Commons

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