Random Herd Of Goats Shows Up And Takes Over Neighborhood


Summertime is a great time for neighborhood block parties. People barbecue food, there’s music and dancing, but that isn’t the case for one Boise, Idaho neighborhood. At 7 am, a herd of goats were seen eating neighbors flowerbeds, manicured grass, and trees. On Friday morning, this was the scene each neighbor woke up to.

herd of goats eating grass
Image via screen capture from website The Dodo

It is clear that the hooved gang was having the time of their lives munching on grass and nearby fauna. However, it is unclear as to where the herd of goats came from. They quickly roamed yard to yard munching on anything at mouth level.


A random herd of goats owns the neighborhood now.


Others seemed to wander through the streets, perusing which yard to go into next. Goats climbed into bushes, scaled trees and even walked right up to porches as the neighbors all watched in disbelief.


random herd of goats eating a tree
Image by Joe Parris

Joe Parris, a local reporter with KTVB, snapped photos and videos of the scene. He even shared them on his Twitter account for the world to see. The “great goatscapade” went viral quickly.


“They are going house to house eating everything in sight,” Parris wrote on Twitter. “Nobody has a clue where they came from … updates to follow.”

random herd of goats on the street
Image by Joe Parris

Local animal control officers arrived on the scene, realizing they were going to need a bigger truck to gather this herd. For nearly an hour the goats continued their fierce munching. Finally, the owners arrived.


These goats have a passion for munching.


As it turns out they were owned by a company called We Rent Goats. They bring in herds of goats to clear land by eating weeds and overgrown areas. As shown, they have a passion for eating.


goat takeover idaho
Image by Joe Parris

The night before, the herd of goats had been working on a tasty project nearby. Apparently, they had made a grand plan to run for it. Their fun party was over for now, and they were returned to their rightufl owners for their next gig.


“The ‘new kids on the block’ are now off the block!” Parris wrote in a later tweet. “The final goats are now reluctantly going home.”

He continued: “What a morning!”


Which is probably what the goats were thinking too.


Featured Image by Joe Parris

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