The Real Story About The 'Lion Whisperer' What You Should Know

The work that Kevin Richardson has done to educate the public about lions is second to none.  The relationships that he forms with individual lions living at The Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary is nothing short of amazing.

There have been videos posted taking bits and pieces of his footage along with made up stories, so I went to his Facebook page for this video to get the real deal.

Kevin’s goal is to minimize the number of lions from being kept in captivity.  He wants to highlight the direct link between the cub petting industry and what he calls the ‘canned’ hunting industry.  The sanctuary believes that by educating the public to the horrors associated with terrible and cruel practices of both industries, we can work together to make those practices eradicated and illegal.  The aim and hope are to maximize efforts towards keeping big cats in their natural habitats.  The sanctuary is home to lion, spotted hyena, striped hyena and black leopards. Kevin’s footage of lions interacting with him at the sanctuary is incredible. The bond that they share is pretty amazing. With the rough play that goes on between the lions and him as he laughs it off is fun to watch. The Lions obviously don’t want to hurt their human friend. Kevin hopes that by educating the public, more natural habitat will be available for lions in the wild.  Lions in Africa currently occupy less than 20% of their historical range. The numbers are rapidly declining.

Enjoy this video of Kevin and the Lions.

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