Reason Behind Why Your Dog Does These 5 Things, Every Dog Owner Needs To Know

You may wonder why does my dog get so excited every time I walk in the door? That’s a common question for every dog owner. What’s the reason is it because he misses me? Is it because I smell like food? Do I smell like another pet? These are all the questions that run through her head as dog owners.

Here are the reasons why your dogs jump up on you among a few other fun things that dogs do that make life interesting.

Why do dogs jump on you?

Canines have feelings too. Therefore when you walk in the door, a feeling of excitement goes through their whole body. It’s like seeing your best friend for the first time in weeks, even though it’s probably only been a couple hours.

If dogs could talk they’d say,

“Finally you’re home.”

Why do they dig?

Another odd habit dogs seem to have is digging. When a dog digs surely it means they’re looking for a bone right? Wrong. Your cute pooch is bored! Maybe you haven’t taken him on a walk for a while or maybe he just has a lot of energy. Whatever the reason, make sure to get your dog outside and having fun so he doesn’t start digging holes in your backyard!

What’s with the head tilt?

Have you ever looked at your dog and his head is on a tilt; you know the cute look they give you when you’re trying to command them to do something and they just look at you with that cute face. Well, there’s reasoning behind this. They’re trying to hear us better! By doing this they are making it so their outer ear can hear you better. They are curious as to what you have to say.

Does your dog chase his own tail?

Dogs are goofy little things; they just don’t know any better. Pups chase their tail because they honestly don’t know that’s their tail. Usually, when they do this they are feeling very playful, it’s a really simple reason. Another reason they do this is they are bored. More seriously the dog could have fleas, so make sure to check with your vet. 

Kisses, kisses, and more kisses

Lastly, what’s the reason your pooches love to give kisses! Even if you don’t enjoy a dog licking your face, they are only trying to be nice. When they lick you that means that they are being submissive. By doing this the pet is releasing their stress and showing you their love!

Hopefully, now you can understand the reasons your dog does these adorable things.

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