Recovering Addict Adopts Dog From Euthanasia List–But She Wouldn't Even Look At Him

This is a story about a man and his dog. PJ Regan rescued his dog Clove from the shelter while he was recovering from drug addiction. Clove was almost euthanized not just once, but twice. For a while, after he got her home, Clove was so nervous and scared she wouldn’t even make eye contact with PJ.


PJ knew that to pull Clove out of her shell; he needed to gain her trust. He didn’t know how to go about that, though. So, he started small, and he simply took her for a walk.

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Clove’s dad noticed right away that she lit up when she was outdoors. She loved the freedom outside, and when he let her off her leash, she ran around with wild abandon and a new light in her eyes.

So he kept it up. Clove and PJ kept walking, and she started coming around. The walks were working. Clove started to warm up, and soon the pair grew closer than ever.

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PJ decided to keep it up. Since they both loved it outdoors so very much, the pair started taking longer and more difficult hikes together. Luckily for everyone, they record their adventures on Instagram.

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The two best friends have taking hiking to the next level together. Whether it is raining, snowing, freezing, or sunny the two can be found scaling mountains and hiking through thick forests every chance they get.

Hiking is a chance for both of them to heal. Clove is recovering from her abusive past, and PJ is learning how to live in the moment. They are inseparable.

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As you can see, Clove isn’t afraid anymore. She loves high adventure with her dad. She has the cutest outfits, as well, to keep her safe from the elements.

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PJ’s success and Clove’s story has inspired other addicts to step out of their addiction and get into the outdoors instead.

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Every dog deserves a chance like this. We can’t take them all on these super adventure hikes. As long as the love and the desire are there to build trust, however, as you can see, it’s not very difficult.

Dogs just want to love us unconditionally, but sometimes other humans let them down. Thanks to people like PJ, though, dogs like Clove get second chances… or third… every day.

Is your dog a rescue? Were they abused before they came to your home? Tell me all about it in the comments.

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