Recovering From An Acid Attack, This Cat Now Has A Huge Fanbase


People who hurt animals are cruel and harmful to society in so many ways. Yet, sadly these people do exist and they do inflict harm on innocent creatures. Thankfully, there are people who love animals and step in to help those animals that are victims of terrible abuse.



Tommy is a cat who has been the victim of having acid thrown on him. Acid can cause terrible pain and irreversible damage to animals and people. But Tommy, also known as Sir Thomas Trueheart was not left alone to die and suffer after the attack. A kind woman found him on her doorstep and quickly took him to a vet. Sadly, once at the vet’s office, she was told that there was nothing that they could do to help Tommy. Not wanting to give up on him, she reached out to social media for help.


You may not always get the best advice on social media. But this time, the advice given was exactly what Tommy desperately needed. She was told to take him to Milo’s Sanctuary Inc. This is a place that specializes in helping disabled or terminally ill cats.



Tommy Has Become A Celebrity


Milo’s Sanctuary has posted updates on Tommy’s progress on their Facebook page. Tommy has become quite a celebrity with people all over loving him. Who couldn’t love such a sweet kitty who was dealt a bad hand at life? He became the beneficiary of fundraisers and has appeared on TV. Though his looks may never be like they were before the attack, his sweet disposition is as lovable as ever.



Fans have asked about adopting Tommy, but he will remain at the shelter where he is receiving ongoing special care. He may end up living at the shelter for the rest of his life. But rest assured, Tommy will only know kindness for the rest of his days.





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