'Red Dog' Is Found Abandoned On The Street, People Are Enraged

Although we wouldn’t think of it as animal abuse, changing the color of your dog’s hair is a bit taboo. When a dog was dyed to be a red dog everyone at the shelter was horrified.

When Scarlet, a small red dog, was found she didn’t look like an average dog.

They later found out that she lived most of her life in Greece. While she lived there her owners decided it was a good idea to dye her fur. She was bought in Greece for $175 on the Athens Market and then later, abandoned. The Rescuers knew that the dogs unnatural color was not normal or even healthy.

Scarlet’s name refers to her coat color, red. When rescuers found Scarlet, they were shocked — she was a bright red dog.

The Rescuers found her along the streets of Schimatari. They quickly took her to the veterinarian to get rid of the red dye. It did not come out at first but they continued to try to get it out. Every wash makes the red dye come out a little bit more.

At the veterinarian clinic, they made sure to groom Scarlett and also vaccinate her, treat her for parasites and bathe her. The clinic decided to keep her there for multiple days just to make sure she was okay. While she was there pictures of her were posted on the internet. The pictures and videos of her went viral. People on social media were enraged, wondering how someone could do that to a small pooch.

Were the owners trying to make her look like Clifford the big red dog?

Another animal lover commented:

Who would do that to a puppy?  and Why?

Not a lot of time went by and a person who saw the photos of Scarlet called the shelter in hopes of adopting her. Scarlet had a new home.

Now Scarlett is living happily ever after with her family. She gets groomed and bathed daily. Her lifestyle is changed so much for the better. Unfortunately, other animals don’t same privileges that she now has. So go out and adopt a dog in need. They desperately need homes.

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